Thursday, December 11, 2008


Somehow or other, I got myself roped into not one, not two, but three semi anonymous gift exchange dealies: one at work, one on the internet and one with my friends. So bless me, oh saints, for I have been lo to Target and to the Brevard Rd. K-Mart and the one thing I thought I would get for the friendly exchange, the one thing that was in my mind that would cost around 20 bucks and everyone would want, is not to be found. So now I need to come up with a whole new concept and fast, since this damn thing has to be purchased and wrapped by like 6ish tomorrow and I have to work all day tomorrow. Eeesh. Plus, every time I go to K-Mart I end up buying stuff I shouldn't really need, but do, like socks. I wouldn't need socks if someone who I'm not supposed to blog about didn't seem to think of them as disposable, grumble, grumble, and then the dogs eat them too.

And then I get driven to buy weird stuff for the kids for Christmas despite the fact that all they want is money and every pointless object I purchase for them takes away from the money I could be giving them. But while they say that all they want is money, they, or, well, A, come over all sad when I point out that frankly, they're too old for stockings. I mean, come on, the child is in her mid twenties and the other child is 17 as of Monday. That is too old for a stocking and I need to take a stand on that, which probably would include not having just bought a bunch of stocking stuffer type stuff because I simply can't resist it. I'm right there on that willpower thing, as usual.

Oh and if anyone wants to get me anything? Target has a light up pink flamingo (that was rather an amusing typo: it originally said a flaming lawn ornament, not flamingo. Flaming would be very good indeed.) holiday lawn ornament and, even better, K-Mart has a light up green frog holiday lawn ornament. Yes! A frog with a disgruntled face and a Santa hat! It's totally non-linear and makes no sense and I covet it.

In other news, the QOB's giant desk arrived today from New York and with it came a whole bunch of her paintings, including some really old ones that she had completely forgotten and they are all awesome. I think we need to hire some art students to make a bunch of stretchers and have a show. In art news, y'all, get this: in my mailbox today was a gift certificate from True Blue Art Supplies. A big one and I am all overcome and stuff. They sent me this because they like this blog and, well, wow. They are AWESOME PEOPLE and y'all need to go buy all your Solstice gifts (I actually overheard a mother saying to her son today "Well, is is something you might want for Solstice?" and yet again I remembered that I love Asheville) there, pronto. TRUE BLUE ART SUPPLIES ARE THE BEST ART SUPPLIES SOUTH OF PEARL PAINT ON CANAL STREET AND THAT IS THE TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE TRUTH.


Andy from the 'burg said...

no one is ever too old for stockings filled by Santa. That's where you get all the Xmas essentials like beef jerky and batteries!

Anonymous said...

I am 32 and my brother is 33 and we still get stockings stuffed with candy and soap on christmas morning. my mom has even branched out to include our SOs with stockings. Your kids are crazy if they want to rob themselves of more presents, no matter how small.