Tuesday, August 05, 2008

And In Other News

Options I Wish Pandora Would Offer.
1. I Really Loved This Song in 7th Grade and Hearing It Again is Nicely Nostalgic; However, You Can Stop It Now.
2. I Like This Song Okay But Not, You Know, A Whole Lot.
3. I Really Only Like This Song Ironically, I Swear, But You Could Play It More Often If You Felt Like It
4. There Is More Than One Pixies Song In the Universe
And some other stuff that seemed a lot funnier last night. I love Pandora but sometimes it's like they're turning into FM radio: they just play the same songs over and over. Still, it's better than WNCW "Most Annoying Music We Can Find! For You! Oh and Also, We're Taking Away the News Program You Like and The Morning Music You Wake Up To and Replacing It With Morning Edition Which You Could Hear On the Other Local NPR Station!" Public Radio.

The house is, at the moment, on again. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I'm still chanting Nam Yoho Renge Kyo more or less incessantly; we'll see; do not congratulate me, though, in case it falls apart again. I will not believe in this thing until I have the keys in my sweaty hands.

And, last but not least, that up there at the top is a picture of the one, the only, Miss Asheville! Yeah, I didn't know we had a Miss Asheville either, but it turns out we do and she was wandering towards Pack Place through the New French Bar Courtyard where I was ensconced on Friday night having a couple of after work cold ones in the company of my brother, the QOB and my friend J. Miss Asheville had a few adoring fans along with her and she was wearing, as you can see, her sash and her tiara. Her hair was perfect. Heh. And she was wearing those horrible thick old lady pantyhose that look really fake and are so gruesomely uncomfortable, poor thing. I felt kind of weird asking to take her picture but, you know, hey: as J pointed out, she's our Miss Asheville. She represents us! Long live Miss Asheville! Let us wish her success on her quest to become Miss Buncombe County or whatever else comes next! You go, Miss Asheville! Now, you would think, to be properly Miss Asheville, that she would have dreads and be, actually, a he but alas, apparently the shadowy cabal behind all that is Miss Asheville are not yet enlightened enough to think outside the box. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Miss Asheville is Windsor Hanger, daughter of Howard Hanger. She was valedictorian at Asheville High School in 2006 and is now a student at Harvard University studying Human Evolution Biology with a minor in French. So, in a way, she is completely right for the Miss Asheville title.

Edward said...

Taking off The World? Not good. I hear changes on WNCW. The other night they had a ARC overnight guy on in prime time playing interesting music instead of dubatomic particles. Like a real handmade radio program.

Miss Asheville sure looks nicer than Miss NC International