Saturday, February 02, 2008

water rocks and moss

water rocks and moss
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It's been a good Saturday. We woke up early and ate a big breakfast and M cleaned the carpet in the den (gods bless M, for he is, as my mother used to say approvingly, a tidy duckling) and I cleaned up the kitchen and then we went way the hell out to Enka/Candler to climb part way up Mt. Pisgah. At least I think it's Pisgah - it's definitely an uphill trail and I got my aerobic workout for the day. Ice pellets yesterday and today sunlight and 60 some odd degrees: awesome and the dogs are happy as can be. So am I, actually - M and a clean house and a great hike and some cool photos and, as I'm typing this, young M is watching a completely trashy show on train and plane wrecks that I would never, ever watch myself but I'm finding quite entertaining from a distance.

It's very lucky that springer spaniels are miraculously self cleaning dogs, I must say. I had to actually say to Django, "Dude, don't dig a hole in a mud puddle, man. It's a losing battle." (Later, I would say without even a hint of irony, "Like, down!" to Theo and it would occur to me that perhaps the stoner dog speak was getting a bit out of hand.) You can imagine what a partly white dog looks like after he's been digging a hole in an already deep mud puddle - it is not pretty. But today as always, inevitably and fortunately in some magic feat of perfect dream spaniel hair, he's totally clean about two hours later. I don't know how he does it but I wish they would cross breed his genes with those of my den carpet.

Tonight, we're having lamb chops for dinner. I do not like lamb but I'm making the sacrifice for Ask Metafilter. If you don't feel like clicking on that link, it's a question asking why dogs freak out when people cook lamb. Apparently, some do. Huh. Who knew? I'm fascinated and can't wait to see whether Django & Theo, who to the best of my knowledge have never smelled lamb in any shape or form from gamboling among the spring pastures to roasting away in an oven, react at all. I told my mother about this, though, and she said that while none of her dogs had ever reacted to it, I used to get sick and cry from the smell whenever she made rack of lamb. That is probably why I have such a strong aversion to it - and yeah, proves once and for all that I am, in fact, a dog. Well, hell, it is the internet.

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zen said...

Lately, i've been goin' ta all my money webs and usin' da Gizoogle translatin' site.

and your last paragraph had me laffnizzin!

Tonight, we bustin' lamb chops fo` hustla cuz this is how we roll. I do not like lamb but I'm mak'n tha sacrifice fo` Ask Shot Calla. If you dizzay fizzy like sippin' on that link, it's a question messin' why doggz freak out wizzy thugz cook lamb . Holla! Apparently, some do. Huh where the sun be shinin and I be rhymin'. Who knizzew? I'm fascinated n can't wait ta see whetha Django & Theo, who ta tha bizzle of mah knowledge have neva smelled lamb in any shape or form fizzy gambol'n among tha steppin' pastures ta roast'n away in an oven, react at all. I told mah motha `bout this, though, n she said that while none of her doggz had ever reacted ta it, I used ta git sick n cry from tha smell wheneva she mizzle riznack of lamb. Thizzay is probably why I hizzy siznuch a strong aversion ta it - n yeah, proves once n fo` all thiznat I am, in fact, a dog fo my bling bling. Well, hell, it is tha internet.