Wednesday, February 27, 2008


You would have thought it was spring at the river this morning, if, that is, you ignored the 12 degree temperature, the snow on the ground and the snow gently wafting down from the sky. There were, however, not just one but TWO herons there, the usual two geese and three or four fat, unhappy robins pecking around morosely in the snow. Very springlike and all. Chauceresque - lude sing, well, nothing, really, was singing, ludely or otherwise, but goddamnit, they were there, those avian harbingers of warmer weather. Did I get pictures of any of them? Of course not; are you mad? It's hard to take pictures of unexpected, moving birds with mittens on.

I have threaded the bobbin and cleaned up the house and now I must recommence Operation Couch Recovery. Thank the gods for S and the internet, because she emailed me a link that showed the whole bobbin winding/machine threading thing, complete with those vintage illustrations of elegant mid century women's hands that are nothing like my hands. And I think I've got it, although I'm a little nervous. Still, onwards and upwards. M's sister R and her lovely dog Spud are arriving from Baltimore tomorrow evening and then M will be here Friday night. Whoo! Big fun will be had by all and maybe we'll even go out to Bat Cave to see D and her new goats.

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