Monday, April 10, 2006

Nothing Is Working Right Today

I would really have been better off staying in bed this morning. Pretty much nothing has gone smoothly today; I'm having my own personal little Mercury in retrograde experience. I was supposed to start an actual paying gig whereby I will be doing remote data entry for a NY financial services company. This would have been fine, if I already had MS Excel, but I don't, and my contact in the company couldn't just give it to me, because MS Excel needs a disc to install it and she is, you see, in NY and I am in NC. It took us a long time to figure this out. So I thought I would get around that by doing the 60 day trial of Office. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough disc space, so I thought I'd save some space by putting all the pictures that are cluttering up my hard drive onto CDs. That is how I found out that my CD burner no longer works at all. That was when I started shouting FUCK FUCK FUCK at the computer and had to go outside and work in the garden for a little while. That went well. I hope. I may yet wake up tomorrow to find that I killed all the flowers.

So I finally freed up just enough hard drive space to install Excel, explaining to Office that I only wanted Excel, because I already had Word. I had a bad feeling about this to begin with - which was justified, because when I tried to open Word a couple minutes ago I discovered that downloading a trial version of Office has done away with it altogether. That means I have to find the original, antique disk ~ and I have a legal copy of Word, god damn it. A perfectly fucking goddamn legal copy, Mr. Gates; I don't appreciate your softwared destroying it. Fuck you very much.

Then I went shopping, where I bought a flash drive thinking I would put the graphics for the website I work on onto it but I realized tonight that, duh, that wouldn't work, because they all have to be in the same place or dreamweaver doesn't know how to fetch & upload them. So that was a waste of money I should have used to get a new CD burner, which I almost did. Argh. I moved on to the health food store, planning to at least buy some of my favorite perfume in all the world. . . they were out. No telling when they'll get more in. They don't stock lemon/cucumber water anymore, either.

On top of this, I started class tonight, only to discover that I had underestimated my own skills and the class I signed up for would be a complete waste of my time, since I already know HTML (to some extent, anyway.) Thus, I need to transfer to the advanced class. Which is full. But there may be some hope there; the teacher said he would talk to the people in Continuing Ed and try to get me in. Okay. It was an hour and a half where I made myself shut up because I knew all the answers and I had two coughing fits, which is a stress thing that happens to me sometimes in situations like meetings and classrooms. I think that now I will go to bed, hope the bed doesn't collapse underneath me, and try it all over again in the morning.

Some days are like this; it's just one of those miserable soul grinding facts of life, I know. And, as people have told me, if I had a good aura, was more relaxed and stuff, I could laugh as I flitted gracefully from flower to flower, accentuating the positive (my car didn't break down; I'm healthy) and ignoring the small frustrations of life. If only I had met someone today who could have told me that in Asheville-ease. . . then I could have killed her, and standing over her broken bloody body in the Greenlife parking lot would have helped SO much.

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syntax said...

if you set up a folder on your flashdrive with the same directory structure as the one you're working on, you should be able to access the pictures and be able to upload everything at the same time. that's what i did for... um... that... one... hey, look over there!

as far as the other thing goes, i'll hook you up on thursday.