Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday, wahoo

It is Friday and I am not as psyched as I wish I was. My stomach hurts. Grumble, whine, bitch, moan and complain. In other news, however, there was no dead rat in the kitchen this morning. I can't decide whether to be thrilled that I didn't have to dispose of another corpse or horrified that, perhaps, the other rats have gotten wise to the trap placement. Or, just possibly, there were only ever two rats? Sort of the Bonnie & Clyde of the rat world - a young rat couple on their own adventure? Should I feel guilty if I offed them on their honeymoon? Romance is dead around my house, rats. And anyway, they weren't wearing little eeny wedding clothes.

I just got a call from Baltimore, where my friends' daughter R is currently visiting and she wanted my blog address since she wants to start a blog. Welcome to the family of fun that is the weirdo blogging community, R. Do not do as I do. For one thing, for fucks sake, don't cuss as much. Put up pictures of kittens. Use the word-simulacrum LOL a lot. And keep it short and sweet. Then you need to pimp it out with MP3 players and link it all over the internets or something. Look not to me for the secrets of blog popularity, child! If I was popular I'd have Google ads and be living on the coast of Spain by now!

In the further annals of the QOB, she doesn't want to live with me. This makes me sad, sort of, but on the other hand can one blame her? I don't even want to live with me most of the time and we're not even approaching the subject of cohabitation with the Dogs Who Fear Rats. So we're looking at apartments downtown now on the theory that she'll be okay at night and we'll get some people in for a couple shifts during the day and then the rest of us will all also come by every day.

They have a three month waiting list at the Battery Park Apartments, where you have to be over 62 to live. This kind of grislied me out for a moment - I mean, is the place full now? Do they base their waiting list on the statistical likelihood of current tenants, uh, permanently moving out if you know what I mean? But then I decided that I really didn't want to know any of this and asked them to mail me the application anyway. All I need to know about the Battery Park is that they have a ballroom and hey, any senior apartment building with a ballroom is good by me. Besides, they're right there next to the Grove Arcade and so far, the Grove Arcade has been more or less the only thing about Asheville of which the QOB has thoroughly approved.

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