Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Disappointment of the Naked Bike Ride

I'm downtown, of course, working, of course, basically trapped in Pack Place (help me! I cannot escape! They expect me to earn my meager salary! Aaaaiiiiieeeee!) and so I got all excited when I heard about the Naked Bike Ride. I mean, let's face it: the Naked Bike Ride is quite possibly the closest I will ever be again to a naked man. Besides, I'm getting tired of taking pictures of rocks and cute kids and cute kids with rocks. So you had better believe that I was out there in the rain on Biltmore Avenue waiting anxiously for the naked bikers.


It was raining, after all and I suppose you can't blame people for not wanting to ride naked in the rain, although if you think about it, nudity actually makes more sense than getting your clothes wet. At any rate, there were only four bikers. All guys and all, alas, in their underwear. They were riding fast too, as you can tell from the blurred quality of this fabulous photo wherein the semi naked guy in question is totally checking out the girl in the green shirt. So it was a bit anticlimactic but oh well, what the hell, it was an excuse to get out of the museum for a few minutes and stand around and crack jokes with a couple of the gem and mineral show dealers.

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skippy haha said...

nice- it really did happen! great shots of rainy semi-naked bike riders! i went down there & didn't see anybody taking their clothes off and spent $8 for a tiny sandwich & drink at fbfc that made me hungrier than before i ate it. extra disappointment.