Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Return to the Infirmary

Well, I got young M's cold or flu or whatever it is. Of course I did, Zicam and Emergen-C and determination notwithstanding. I made it through Saturday pretending to be fine (and now I feel like Typhoid Mary; you just know that I sent this evil bug to Baltimore with R and Charleston with M, thereby infecting the entire east coast in one swell foop) and then Sunday I had to give up. Yesterday my boss sent me home from work at noon with instructions not to return until I was better and dear god, please, don't touch anything on your way out the door. And now here I am with my last echinacea tea bag, a box of kleenex and all I could find at Downtown Books & News of the collected works of Melanie Rawn, which are that perfect thing for illness: neither complex or stupid enough to make your head hurt. At least it's raining and I don't have to feel like I'm missing a beautiful day, which always seems like it's adding insult to injury. Anyway, here I am at home, going momentarily back to bed. Sore throat? Check. Cough? Check. Stuffed up nose? Check? Generally miserable? Check.


enio8 said...

Dear Infinity,
I live in a small town and I was unhappy since today, when meeting you (whose real name, I'm sure, is Susan!) it has disposed the numbs over this grey sky as mealing little sheep above my head!
I owe a simple Blog, called Campionario by Ennio, with the following address:
If you'll want to grieve it with your sure appreciate comments, and photoes for local fans, We won't play soccer anymore, but we'll sleep the dreams of the Beauty!
Your sincerely, and love from Italy Susan!


Andy from the 'burg said...


I love it! I shall now refer to you only as Infinity!

... and where can I get some mealing little sheep above my head?

Lee H. said...

Hey, nothing like a little surrealism to go with your cold medicine! :)

Hope you feel better soon, F... that sounds like a nasty nasty cold.

mygothlaundry said...

Dear enio8,
I'm so glad that I, Susan, can dispose your numbs so easily! I don't really remember meeting you, but perhaps it was the mealing sheep who did it. Go figure. I'm sure you'll understand when I do not grieve the simple Blog that you owe with my photoes for local fans. Too busy dreaming the beauty -
love from space Susan!