Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I Can't Quite Get the Hang of Wednesdays

Look! Ha ha, all you scoffers who thought I couldn't turn that old, hideous chair into a thing of beauty and a joy forever: I did it. And at least until Django eats the newly recovered cushions, it's beee yooo tee ful.

So, I'm better. More or less - I feel better but I'm still coughing whenever I try to talk. Therefore, I am going to be silent (cue a chorus of my unbelieving friends) for the foreseeable future. I'm back at work, anyway; it's Wednesday; my skirt is being held together by a binder clip and the kleenex in my purse is rapidly becoming shreds to match the shreds on my sweater: let's all sing together, to the tune of Girlfriend in a Coma: Kleenex in the laundry, oh no, oh noooo, it's serious!

I went to the homeownership class last night. It's way more intense than I expected and I even have homework. It's also depressing: I'm not sure where I got the chutzpah to believe that I could buy a house since, if you fill out all the handy little worksheets, you find that what I can afford is actually, like, a 2 by 4. Over the next 60 years, I guess I could buy some more 2 x 4s and then when I'm 90 or so I might be able to cobble together a small lean to. Or not. Probably not. The even more depressing thing is that I've been making the same amount of money for 8 years now and, 8 years ago, if I had had my shit together, I could have bought a house. Unfortunately, the house I could have bought then now costs four times what it did 8 years ago and I'm thus left standing here in the metaphorical rain, looking woeful. With my 2 x 4. At least I can club people with it.

I was afraid that this was the case and it looks like it may well be. But I'm going to keep on attending class and hoping for a miracle. In other class news, have you ever noticed that when people start filing into an unfamiliar room for a first class or a meeting or whatever the group often divides on gender lines? Like, I was about the third person to get there and there were two guys on one side of the room so I sat on the other side and then as more people filed in they followed our lead, at least until the chairs started filling up. Humans - they are so weird.


funkymono (aka Jeremy) said...

Three things:

1) Glad you're on the mend. There's been some nasty, lingering crap going around.
2) That chair rocks!
3) Who's hosting this homeownership class? Sounds interesting.

Lee H. said...

I'm in awe of the chair. It does indeed rock.

mygothlaundry said...

Hey Jeremy - Affordable Housing Coalition runs the classes. I'm glad I'm doing it.

Edward said...

Just hang in there on the cost of houses. I heard on the radio they dropped 10% in January alone.