Monday, April 05, 2010


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Things are moving and changing in my life, which was somewhat unexpected. Eventually I will probably write more about these changes but at the moment they are all sort of amorphous and potential - kind of like Schrodinger's Cat - and so I will say only that hmmmm, I would appear to be living in interesting times. Just to dispel any rumours, though, let me say that things are not all bad although they are not, either, all good and address any guesses you may have about the nature of these changes, to wit: 1) alas, no, I have not won the lottery that I know of, although someone in Britain keeps emailing me to say I did; 2) no, I am not moving, thank all the gods and goddesses; 3) no, I am not pregnant and have not adopted another dog because while I may be stupid I 'm not actually THAT stupid and 4) I have not, inexplicably, been named supreme high commander of the universe just yet. Never can figure out why not.

In sad news, though, my friend Susan's father passed away unexpectedly on Saturday morning and I am thinking of her and, as the Quakers nicely say, surrounding her in the light and I would ask that you do the same. Losing a parent is just one of the hardest things in the world to get through, much love Susan.

Actually, it is Susan's birthday next week and so we were planning a party for her which has now been put on hold. Since it's on hold I am going to reveal the Secret Party Plans that she knew nothing about in hopes that it cracks her up. Planning her party was extremely fun, because let me tell you, nothing makes you feel younger than hearing yourself, at the ripe old age of forty something, uttering the sentence "Cool, we can afford both the keg and the stripper!"

Yes, we had hired a stripper, a nice guy named Howard who came recommended by a coworker of my friend Jen and actually Jodi and I were going to interview him on Tuesday at noon. I have never, actually, interviewed a stripper before and I was kind of interested in doing so, although completely unsure of what I was going to say. It seemed kind of inappropriate to ask him to demonstrate his skills, particularly since we were meeting in a coffee shop, so what else do you say? "Can you describe a challenge you've faced in your career and how you met it?" That would be awesome.

I guess the point of the interview is to look them over and decide whether they will, uh, do. It would take someone more heartless than me, though, to meet a stripper at a job interview, look them over and say "No, um, sorry, I don't after all want to see you naked." Ouch! It occurs to me that perhaps I could start up a reverse stripping business myself, just as long ago I wanted to start up a reverse band in which bar owners would pay us not to play. In the reverse stripping, I could threaten to reveal the full Monty (is it monty if you're a girl or is that one of those charming gender specific euphemisms?) and collect large sums of cash from the youth of today, who naturally do not want to see middle aged people naked. Entrepreneurism! I haz it!

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Susan said...

OMG!!! Yes, you made me laugh my ASS off!! Thanks - I really needed one tonight. You are the best. :) I miss you guys... thanks again for EVERYTHING.