Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I almost forgot. Around this time of year I like to give my readers a little gift, something to help them while away the lonely hours until the turkey is done. So, here is Drench. Click on that link and watch your productivity plummet; your life go down the drain and your arm seize up hopelessly clicking on the pretty colors. What on earth did we all get addicted to before the internet?

Oh and hey, happy belated big blog birthday to me. For five long years, give or take a couple of weeks, I have been toiling away here in the blog mines, writing up whatever it is that I write about. Five years! Holy shit! You would think by now I would have figured out some way to cash in on this phenomena but instead it just keeps on keepin' on. Which I think has some kind of value, somehow.

Let's see, in the last five years, I've moved twice, changed jobs twice and reverted to my usual single status more times than I care to examine. My daughter graduated from college and has left home and come back several times; my son grew up, moved off the traditional academic track and is working full time. Several dogs and cats and at least one fish have come and, lamented, gone. I believe I have lost and gained the same 15 pounds approximately one thousand times and I'm still wearing mostly the same sweaters and, despite all advice to the contrary, my late 80s leggings. Along with everyone else in my general generation, I got broadband and an iPod and gave up the landline for good. I think I have become a better writer and I know I have become a way better photographer and I still, occasionally, make strange art. And I still have hangovers. So, hey, happy blog birthday to me!


Forest Davenport said...

I think you are quite a good writer and blogger, just having seen "Julie and Julia". I also very much enjoy your photographs. Happy Thanksgiving!

Forest Davenport

rockygrace said...

Happy b-day!

mygothlaundry said...

Thanks, y'all!

eemilla said...

Congratulations on the five years and your passive solar house!

Gourmet Grrl said...

I freakin love this blog, and I hope you keep on keepin on. Cause it's really great.