Saturday, January 24, 2009

It Finally Got Me

You know how I said this cold just wasn't getting any better but it wasn't getting any worse? Well, it didn't get any better, this is true. But now I'm really sick and it's Saturday and my Netflix movies - I am awaiting Jurassic Park 2 and Day of the Triffids, because that's just the sort of overly intellectual cinephile I truly am - aren't here yet and I just spent over $100 on sickroom supplies which is completely unfair. Then I had to get the computer up so I could check to see if Lexapro was an MAOI inhibitor or not (it's not, I think) to see if I could even take any of those sickroom supplies, to wit, cough syrup and sudafed. And, from earthfare, lemon ginger echinacea stuff and homeopathic cold calm and more emergen-C and some sushi and oatmeal raisin cookies because nothing else in the world seems edible, somehow. Also, and this is so embarrassing, I just realized I'm almost out of cigarettes and since, obviously, I am way too sick to be smoking, I can't bring myself to beg somebody to bring me some and yet I don't think I can get myself out of the house again either. Ick.

I'm reading some dreary detective novel starring Ambrose Bierce and laced with turn of the last century Hawiian history. This is only interesting because I just finished another, better book - The Bones of Time - that is also focused on Hawaii. Very random and synchronous and a bit odd when you consider that previous to this almost my total knowledge and background on Hawaii was the Brady Bunch episode where they go there. Possibly about 15 minutes of Don Ho one time when I was really stoned and 15 years old. So Hawaii. Well. Whatever.

I'm going back to bed. I hate being sick on Saturdays when the rest of the world, or the part of it that isn't at Earthfare clogging up the aisles, is walking by the house with their dogs enjoying the nice weather.

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