Friday, September 26, 2008

All Hell Broken Loose

You know about that curse? The curse on me that makes my life so fucking interesting and I mean that in the Chinese sense? It's struck again.

Up until yesterday afternoon, I thought I would be going to a real estate closing this morning and buying my very own house. I have movers set to come in on Tuesday and arrangements with my landlord to hand this house back over next Saturday and the water and the electricity and the cable are all being turned off at this house and on at the other house and I changed my address and I prepared the QOB and my friend A drove down from Baltimore yesterday to get to work today on the new house. Yeah. Everything was moving along just fine and dandy until my real estate agent's boss called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that, hey, sucks to be you, but hey, it's all off. She said "Oh, well, if you have plans," as if it was my fault because you know, yeah, I'm going to buy this house but why the hell would I make any plans to actually move into it or anything because I could just do that the same day, right? Jesus fuck.

And that's just not happening. Because the seller had more debt than she fucking bothered to disclose and therefore the second mortgage company who has a lien on that house is not going to release it and there is no clear title and therefore I cannot buy the house right now if ever. It's what's called a short sale and the second mortgage holder has to agree to it and so far, that hasn't happened.

Therefore, I'm totally fucking screwed. Totally. Fucking. Screwed.

Not only am I totally fucking screwed on every level, I'm out a huge sum of money as I beg my landlord to let me stay here and I hope that Deerfield will let us hold on to my mother's house for another month so the QOB has somewhere to live while we figure out what the next step is. Ordinarily I could sue the seller for these costs because she is in clear breach of contract here but given the fact that she's going into bankruptcy and can't come up with the money to pay off the second mortgage, the lawyers tell me that suing her is a waste of time and even more money. Great. I just want to throw up and cry and curl into a fetal ball under my bed. But I don't have time because I have to cancel the movers and wait for my landlord to call me back and call Deerfield and crawl abjectly and figure out how to get the cable and the water and the electricity all left on and whether or not to cancel them altogether at that house.

I got something called a right to possession before closing which would mean that I could still move in but, get this, I couldn't change anything or even unpack. I could just use the house for storage and that gets sticky right there because if the whole deal falls through, which at this point is about a 50/50 chance, I'd have 24 hours to get my stuff out. So I'm not doing that, seeing as how two lawyers now have tactfully advised me not to.

I'm shaking and sick and furious and destroyed. Why the fuck does this kind of thing keep happening to me?


skippy haha said...

NO way. this is not fair! the house is better off sold to somebody who can pay the mortgage (you), isn't it? why would they interrupt that deal? blame george bush! i hope this is resolved quickly for you.

Gratuitous said...

This is one hell of a trying time. Not to get all Horton on you, but please don't forget how small you are in the universe, and also how large you are. Get some distance from these things that are happening to you. There is balance. As bad as these things feel, you will be rewarded by many good things. Like growing closeness with friends, and gaining many more friends, if you'll let them. You have food in your belly and you're not alone. The rest will come.

boringpostcards said...

HOLD TIGHT. The house is yours... don't be begging to get in, start asking intruders WTF they are doing there, and when they're leaving. Possession is nine-tenths of the law, and you can TOTALLY bluster your way through that last tenth.

xty said...

I can't imagine how stressed and upset you must be. My thoughts are with you. Let's leave this shitty summer behind us.